Acoustic Water Main Detection

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Acoustic Pipe Locator

As plastic pipes are not electrically conductive, they cannot be located with the classic electro-magnetic method. Another principle in pipe location is used with the acoustic method; the pipes transmit mechanical vibrations better than the surrounding soil. The vibrations are transmitted along the pipe and over the soil to the surface where they can be detected by a microphone

Just as the acoustic location of water leaks indicates the point of highest intensity, acoustics can be used for accurate water pipe locations. Fibre cement or metallic pipes can also be located using this method.

Pipe Location: Water & Gas Service Pipes

Water or gas pipes are made to vibrate using the knocker, which knocks just like an electrical hammer from the outside onto the pipe. Pipes filled with air or gas are sometimes problematic, as the conducting water column is missing.

Chain fastening is used for service pipe diameters up to 100 mm and 1.8 kg in weight.

Pipe Location: Water Mains

Water pipes require more energy to create vibration. The water column is set into motion by abstraction of water from a hydrant and is restricted in intervals by a shutoff device, the stopper. The created pressure waves transmit and can be located, even over long distances.

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All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)’