Mini See Snake Plus

The Mini-See Snake combines portability with a rugged camera used to inspect pipes from 150 to 300mm internal diameter. For pipes larger than 150mm we recommend our Tractor Camera.


Fully integrated, self-contained unit
Colour Auto-Upright camera with built-in 512Hz Sonde
Sapphire glass window for durability
Spare colour camera (average working condition)
Color Digital Processing
Digital Counter
Built-in Text writer
Built-in Video Out connector for external recording


The radio detection GatorCam system has been designed for the internal inspection of small-bore pipes from 38 to 300mm internal diameter. The GatorCam system is perfect for inspecting underground utility or service pipes, septic tanks, boiler tubes, electric conduits, chimneys, in fact most places where the eye cannot see.

The GatorCam system comprises of a waterproofed, cable-mounted camera, with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, which relays television pictures back to a portable control centre. The control centre contains a television screen, video recorder and user controls. The camera cable is semi-rigid and acts as a push-rod, yet is sufficiently flexible to negotiate tight bends.

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Push Camera, Pipe Inspection

All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)’