Tractor Camera

Lambert Locations uses the German iPEK system which is world renowned for being the best CCTV Pipe Inspection technology. To see more on the iPEK system see their website

Tractor Camera Benefits:

Inspection to depth of 10m underwater (1bar pressure sealed)
Various crawler sizes to suit internal pipe diameters from 100mm > 1m and beyond. For pipes smaller than 100mm please see Push Camera page or give us a call to discuss options
Locatable (sonde) to give alignment, depth, locate buried manholes, breakages etc
Each crawler includes an LED lit, pan & tilt colour camera with 440,000pixel display. The camera head is capable of 350° pan and 270° tilt and is controlled remotely via joystick
On screen display includes a meter counter and inclination sensor to aid in the final Wincan report
All our Tractor Camera’s can be used in conjunction with the Wincan reporting software which is recognised by all councils and departments for pipe inspection reports.

Tractor Camera Uses:

Operational / Conditional inspection of pipes in Gravity Sewer and Stormwater networks and even Potable Water, Recycled Water and Sewer Rising Mains where access is available (open end / section removed to allow for crawler entry)
Pre and Post Building Inspections as required by Council before and after buildover to prove no damage has been caused during construction
Locating alignments, breakages, roots, junctions, sags in line, buried manhole lids
In conjunction with our locators / surveyors we can accuarately determine how a network of pipes are configured then survey and complete a 12d / Autocad drawing as per the clients requirements. Please see the Survey page for more information
Cast-In-Place Pile / Pier hole inspection. Working alongside the clients geotech / engineer we can provide on site footage to help determine the condition of subsurface soils, water ingress etc
Whilst cleaning a line with our jetrodder we can use the camera to determine when the line is clear and what is causing the problem rather than just ‘blindly’ cleaning a line and hoping it is clean and clear. For more information please see the Jetrodding page


All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)’