The Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

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Vacuum Excavation is an important aspect of residential, commercial and industrial construction. In fact, it’s often one of the first steps.

Whether you are landscaping your entire yard, laying/repairing utilities or creating a concrete slab as the foundation for your home, you first need to move the earth in a way that is precise, efficient and unlikely to damage the surrounding area. While your first thought may be to just rent a digger, you need to consider all your other options. Vacuum excavation offers a huge range of benefits when compared to traditional means of earthmoving. As the name suggests, this form of excavation utilises suction technology to remove dirt and debris quickly, allowing you to clear and area to your exact specifications. Should you require underground service location, contact Lambert Locations on the Gold Coast today.

4 Benefits of vacuum excavation:

  1. Find and protect underground fixtures with minimum damage to underground fixtures
  2. Safe and Clean worksite – removes debris from the land and stores it.
  3. Cost effective and faster -removes dirt from the dig site quickly and with minimal labour.
  4. Advanced technology – a more advanced digging method.

Find & protect underground fixtures

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hydro vacuum excavation is that it won’t harm underground utilities like water lines, cabling, sewage pipes or boring wells. In fact, before any earthworks can take place, you first have to locate all underground fixtures to ensure the area is mapped out with no surprises. If you need to dig around pipes or cables, vacuum excavation is the ideal solution. Firstly, the truck is parked far away from the dig area, meaning there is little disturbance or impaction to the ground. Secondly, because there are no moving parts, the utilities are protected, ensuring quick, precise and convenient earthmoving every time.

Safe & Clean worksite

Dust and dirt can be terrible for equipment and damaging to the health of your workers. In traditional digging, all the displaced dirt doesn’t just go away. It has to be moved in giant piles and then put onto tipper trucks. This is not only labour intensive—it also causes dust to be thrown into the air by wind and force. Vacuum excavation is ideal because it takes care of two things—it removes dirt from the dig site quickly and with minimal labour, and it stores the dirt so it’s not getting blown around by the wind. Ensure your domestic or commercial construction is dirt and dust free with vacuum excavation.

Cost Effective & Faster

Traditional digging methods are time-consuming and labour intensive. When you hire a hydro vacuum excavation truck, the job is completed quickly, and the mess is removed without you even needing to see it. Because vacuum excavation doesn’t require a team of people, it is far more cost-effective. When you take into account the minimised likelihood of incurred costs from damage to utilities, it’s easy to see why this method of earthmoving is preferred. No matter what kind of terrain you’re working in – clay, rocky soil, sand – you can get the job done with minimal hassle!

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