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underground cable locators
Whether you’re planning construction works, you have an upcoming demolition, or you need to access below-ground cables in any shape or form, an expert cable location company is the best option for you. At Lambert Locations, our specialist team is equipped with the latest gear and training to locate all kinds of cables quickly and effectively. Need a reliable cable locator on the Gold Coast? Get in touch with our team today to find out more about what we could do for you or to get a no-obligation quote for our expert services.

Professional underground service locators

Locating cables to pinpoint accuracy is an essential part of the service our team offers. We use high-end technology and local experience for professional underground cable location. From communications cables to both high and low voltage underground cables, our team is equipped to provide a clear map of where everything is underground for your convenience.

Fast, convenient location on your schedule

For cable location, we understand that speed is of the essence on most jobs. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide a fast and thorough service for minimal disruption to ongoing projects. Whether you need a cable locator at the last minute or you have our services booked way ahead of time, we carry out our work with the same diligent and efficient approach every time for speedy results.

Why would you need a cable location service?

If you’re planning any ground excavation or digging, you may want to hire an expert cable location service. Our specialist team is well-equipped to quickly identify the areas you should avoid when digging, as well as potential risks or safety issues that may directly impact your job. Whether you’re carrying out large-scale construction jobs or simple road repairs, using an expert service is always the right call.

Save time and prevent accidental costs

A damaged or broken cable can be an expensive mistake to make. Depending on the nature of the damaged line, huge costs can be incurred by not hiring an expert cable locator. By hiring Lambert Locations, you help to reduce the risk of costly accidents by ensuring they are never likely to happen in the first place. Now that’s the best kind of peace of mind.

Ensure the highest standards of safety

Keeping your contractors or employees safe is a key responsibility that you must meet – and cable location is one way to ensure the risk to your staff on-site is significantly reduced. By identifying cable locations, you can improve safety and gain valuable insight all in one, professional service.

Why choose Lambert Locations?

As a local, highly trained cable location specialist, Lambert Locations is the best choice on the Gold Coast if you need to know where cables are on-site. Our friendly team is equipped with the latest technology for fast and sufficient identification, and we work to your schedule to provide the highest standard of service.

Get a quote for cable location today

Call us on 07 5562 8400 to get a free quote on our cable locator services today. Our expert team is ready and waiting to carry out underground cable location services for your upcoming project or job.