How Drones Have Changed Surveying as We Know It

drone surveying queensland

Drone surveying in Queensland is growing as we speak. Drones are being used more and more in surveying.

When you need to locate underground assets, drones are the new efficient way to do so.

They will be the future of surveying in Australia and around the world. 

Before Drones

Before we had drones for surveying work, surveyors would use phone cameras or regular cameras to photograph construction sites. If sites were too dangerous for surveyors, it could make things complicated.

Surveying before drones was difficult for many projects. 

Why Drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones are breaking through as some of the latest technologies for surveying.

Drones have been out on the market for a bit, but in the surveying profession, they have not been used extensively yet.

They will soon be used on a more regular basis in the near future. 

Drone technology is becoming less expensive. The batteries, made of lithium polymer, are more lightweight now and practical.

The digital cameras are also more lightweight, with the aerial photography improving for close-range shots.

Complete maps can be created, and the total site can be captured rather just pictures from certain angles.

This is all very exciting for Queensland drone surveying. 

Drones can get into areas that human surveyors would not dare to go into.

Some surveying spots have unsafe areas to walk on that are not easy to access.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are ideal for sites such as hazardous waste sites and landfills. 

It is becoming cheaper to purchase these technologies, which starts making it more competitive to use.

Also, many financial groups will want proof that a project is progressing.

You can provide them with a high-resolution picture of the whole job site.

Even little water valves poking out of the ground can be seen up-close in full detail.

Banks and other financial institutions want to keep an eye on how construction projects are progressing to continue with financial backing. 

Protection from Liability

It’s important to be able to show pre-existing conditions for many projects.

A drone can do that, creating a map. After the project is finished, you can compare the future work done against the map with pre-existing conditions.

Pre-construction images could help later on if a gas line was hit during construction by showing if it was an error of the utility locator or the construction company. 

For More Information

Technology is growing so quickly. The future looks bright for Queensland drone surveying companies to be able to survey with this new drone technology.

We at Lambert Locations have professionals on hand who are educated in the latest drone technology for surveying.

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