Hydro Excavation vs Manual Digging: Which Is the Best for Your Business?

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Any company or individual that has bought land for the purpose of building and construction should be aware of what lies under the surface. This is necessary to avoid future problems.

Solid land on top may not be so solid underneath.  The surface cover may hide many anomalies that may be dangerous in one way or another. In rural areas these may be cracks, holes, or underground streams. In urban areas underground obstacles could be electrical cables, sewage, or drainage pipes. Wherever you intend to build, it’s imperative to find out what is beneath the surface before you start excavating for the foundations of your building project. This is where we come in. We are Lambert Locations, asset location and protection specialists. One of our specialities is vacuum excavation and we would like to tell you about hydro excavation vs manual digging so you can decide which is the best for your business.

What is vacuum excavation?

Vacuum excavation is basically a fan driven machine that literally sucks earth out from underneath the ground. A small hole is drilled into the ground, a tube is inserted into the hole and compressed air is pumped in, which loosens the earth underneath and then it is extracted by means of suction. Hydro excavation uses water instead of air.

Why hydro instead of manual?

Manual can mean either using a mechanical excavation digger or literally men with picks and shovels. Both can easily hit piping or cables without meaning to. Most people don’t realise that earth moves. It can rise or fall and the movement, especially what happens under the surface, can’t be perceived by the naked eye. The depth of any underground piping, cables or other structures are regulated by government building codes, but with earth movement they aren’t always where they should be.

The Advantages of Hydro?

The greatest advantage of using hydro vacuum excavation is that it is non-destructive. It can suck out earth from between cables, pipes, and even tree roots. There is less risk and therefore less probability of damage to anything that lies beneath the surface. There are also the advantages of time, as it is a quick solution to safe earth extraction. Also, there is less mess, as the surplus earth is pumped directly into a tanker truck and carted away.

The Excavation Solution

Lambert Locations have been using the vacuum extraction technique since 1997, with great success and customer satisfaction. Coupled with our ground imaging equipment, it makes for fast, easy foundation laying without any unforeseen delays. So, if you are in need of a no problem earth extraction, use our contact page and ask for more information or just tell us what you need.