Why would you need a land surveyor?

Surveying in Brisbane is usually done when you are buying property or piece of land.

land surveyor in brisbane

Surveying in Brisbane is usually done when you are buying property or piece of land.

A review map precisely portrays what is on the ground, your home, business, or different enhancements. The familiar proverb “An image merits a 1,000 words” remains constant.

It will indicate to you: In the event that your deed depicts your property precisely. In the event that other individuals are qualified for incomplete utilisation of your property through easements for utilities or privileges of-way or In the event that wall, structures, carports, walkways, pools, and other property enhancements really lay on your property.

Purchasing Land, If you are about to purchase land, for any reason, it’s a great idea to have the land surveyed before you finalise the purchase. A land survey in this instance will allow you two things: 1) Clarity on where property lines lie and 2) Verification of the property’s acreage. In certain cases, the cost of the survey will be covered by the seller.

When you are selling property.

A survey will verify for your buyer the size and extent of the property.

When you are subdividing property.

A subdivision is essentially dividing property into smaller lots for sale.

When you are obtaining a mortgage or refinancing.

Surveying in Brisbane has to be done if you are applying for a mortgage or refinancing your property, your financial institution will usually require with a map, surveyor’s title report, or possibly a flood certificate.

When you are verifying acreage for tax assessment.

A survey can ensure that you are assessed for the correct acreage.

When you are building a house, an addition or a fence.

You have to secure your investment by ensuring you are expanding on your property alone and not anyone else property. Enabling a surveyor to stamp the area of your fence or expansion on location before development starts additionally guarantees that you meet set back necessities and different limitations set by nearby zoning laws

When there is a boundary dispute between you and your neighbor, or you believe someone is encroaching upon your land.

What does a land surveyor do?

A land surveyor’s job is to record, measure and plot a piece of land for planning purposes, typically when any alterations need to be made during a dispute, renovation or sale. They consider multiple factors in their assessment of a particular area, including historical maps, in order to produce an up-to-date map that assists construction and planning with any amendments or changes. It’s essential that a land surveyor clarifies all perimeters to resolve any issues or grey areas regarding a plot of land.

How can I ensure I get the right land surveying services?

While all land surveyors will undertake the aforementioned work, they usually have a specialism in a certain area of surveying. These include:

  • Cadastral: for town planning and boundary investigation. A cadastral surveyor establishes who owns which plot of land, as well as land subdivision and ownership re-establishment.
  • Cartography: for mapping. All land surveyors do this to a degree, but one specialising in cartography hones in on its correct details to assist planning departments involved in a project.
  • Engineering: for large-scale construction projects, including roads and bridges. These surveyors are usually employed by individual states or the government.
  • Hydrographic/oceanographic: for marine mapping. A hydrographic surveyor oft collaborates with harbour specialists to establish depth, contours and the ocean floor.
  • Geodetic: for mapping our planet. This is another skill applicable to all surveyors, allowing them to correctly assess distance, size and shape of a plot of land.

When you’re looking for a surveying service, take into account what your present issue is and what your closing objective is. Is it a case of boundary resolution, where a cadastral land surveyor may be able to help? You might have no dispute, but just want to establish how much land you own, or familiarise yourself with an exact boundary. For any and all construction projects or alterations to your property that involve planning permission, a land surveyor must be consulted to ensure legality in new or amended building works.

Which qualifications should my land surveyor have?

Your chosen land surveyor should have, ideally, a Masters degree in surveying – such as Master of Engineering (Spatial) – with a focus in land surveying. Additionally, in Queensland, the <a href=”https://sbq.com.au”>Surveyors Board Queensland</a> helps validate licensed surveyors in the state, having done so since the 2003 Surveyors’ Act.

How expensive is a land surveyor?

There is no real benchmark for the cost of a land surveyor’s services, as it is entirely dependent on what you need and the size of the land/property involved. You can expect to pay more for larger properties and complex projects where you may require multiple land surveying services, particularly if you need a boundary to be established due to a building extension, for example, or there are issues with the terrain. You should be able to get a rough estimate from a licenced land surveyor upon enquiry, so be sure to check with them before agreeing to their services.


There are many instances when a person may need a land survey performed on their property. This applies for both commercial and residential property owners. Professional surveyors in Brisbane have the expertise necessary to perform certain services that might be required for your survey. Things like the location of flood zones existing on the property, property line setback requirements for new buildings, tree locations when city or county requirements necessitate that service, and the resolution of where property lines lie.
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