Know before you dig, without the damage

Construction work of all kinds can end up being a lottery when there are underground services involved, and while there’s no way you can afford the hassle and the potential fines and legal trouble involved in damaging services, it’s not always possible to excavate either.

Whether it’s a difficult or dangerous area to dig, a confined space, or a pre-existing arrangement with the client, destructive digging is always undesirable and could also be impossible for your site. So how do you find out where the services are and what they look like without digging them up? That’s where non-destructive digging comes in.

Non destructive digging is keyhole surgery for your site

The trick to exposing the services that you need to avoid on your project, but without disturbing or destroying the existing site, is Hydro-Vacuum Excavation. Using this technique we can blast away earth and debris using high pressure water jets underground in a way that will expose the utilities that you wish to preserve, but without damaging them. Thanks to our industry-leading technology, we can use exactly the right pressure to easily dispose of dirt without damaging even the thinnest and most delicate phone lines.

Once dislodged, the earth is then sucked to the surface using high powered vacuums, without leaving any mess or disturbance. Whatever the size of each service, from banks of conduits all the way to individual cables and wires for any purpose, we guarantee that we can carry out our work with no damage to any vital systems underground.

non destructive digging

Non destructive digging leaves minimal damage on the surface

Thanks to the nature of our non-destructive techniques we can guarantee a minimum of damage to the surface of the site, and where there is a small amount of damage for the limited excavation work we’ll need to accomplish, we have expert repair teams ready to return your site to its former appearance through a range of repair techniques.

On our team, we have experts in concrete repair, asphalt patching, concrete cutting and a range of landscaping services to ensure that any and all damage can be swiftly put right. As a result, our services are perfect for use in all manner of sensitive environments where surface damage has to be kept to a minimum, such as parks, monuments, conservation areas and areas of special scientific interest that are especially sensitive.

An excellent track record in non destructive digging

With many years of experience in performing this demanding and technical role, our team has full Telstra, Optus and Dial Before you Dig Locator accreditation so you can have full peace of mind that your work is being carried out by qualified professionals.

As a result, we’re the perfect organisation to help you manage very sensitive excavation work in tricky or fragile areas where traditional excavation isn’t an option.

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