Lambert Locations use the latest technologies in surveying and service location. Our extensive research and development into locating and surveying existing and new installations has created a practical model for displaying subsurface utilities in an electronic medium. Lambert Locations offers the development industry better evidence for existing infrastructures by documenting a complete characterisation for identifying, locating, surveying and visualising asset infrastructures.

Surveying and recording service location evidence at early stages of development generates confidence through the design and construction phase of development. By physically identifying existing subsurface utilities in the field environment through Vacuum Hydro Excavation, designers and project managers attain valuable information on existing service alignments/configurations that impact design and construction methodologies.

Our innovation is to document visually sighted evidence with a spatial reference.

This allows for REAL field evidence to be recorded in an electronic format that is seamlessly transferred into design or GIS software. Providing users with direct access to our field observations reduces interpretation errors on data and provides accurate service locations for existing infrastructures.

When requested, we can do a complete location and pickup for existing services and create a visual image of underground and aboveground utilities as they appear on site. Our survey accurate data can then be used to check existing plan information, provide actual service alignment locations with respect to roads, kerbs or property boundary’s and be utilised for design of new instillations.

For accurate GPS location of underground services, contact Lambert Locations today.

All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)’

GPS / AutoCAD Drawing

As-Constructed Plans

As-Constructed Surveys

Confirm location or dimensions during the construction process

As-Built surveys

Survey of the completed building or scope of works which are compared and submitted with the “issue for construction” set of plans.

Typical cases that would require these types of surveys are:

  • Newly Built Structures
  • New Roads (Kerbs, bitumen levels)
  • Sewer and Stormwater Drainage
  • Location of Services (Gas, Water and Power)
  • Asset Management