Surveying Technology of the Future

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Technology keeps changing and advancing over the years. Queensland surveyors need to keep up to date on the latest technology for accurate work.

In the future, there will be more advances in surveying technology. 

Before Technology

Before the mid-1970s, there was not much electronic technology involved in most surveying tasks and operations.

Professional surveyors were mostly thought of as map makers, boundary experts, and creators of topographic data with most high-tech mapping being done by government geodesists. 

A lot of surveyors who were educated in their craft before the age of electronics would train as they worked or would earn a degree in engineering via a program that might have provided a curriculum that was limited in the surveying arena.

Outdoorsy types of people were usually the kinds of people who chose to survey as a career as the job required one to be able to withstand extreme weather temperatures and to be able to navigate rough terrain sometimes. 

Technology of the Future

3D laser scanners can produce 3D models and other maps via laser scanning. The technology has been called high-definition surveying, 3D laser imaging, 3D laser surveying, and 3D laser scanning.

While it is new these days, it will be used more commonly in the future. It is great for monitoring the progress of construction, surveying areas that are difficult to reach, and for historical preservation. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones are breaking through as some of the latest technologies for surveying.

Drones have been out on the market for a bit, but in the surveying profession, they have not been used extensively yet.

They will soon be used on a more regular basis in the near future. 

Drone technology is becoming less expensive. The batteries, made of lithium polymer, are more lightweight now and practical.

The digital cameras are also more lightweight, with the aerial photography improving for close-range shots. This is all very exciting in the surveying profession for Queensland surveyors. 

Drone surveying can get into areas that human surveyors would not dare to go into.

Some surveying spots have unsafe areas to walk on that are not easy to access.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are ideal for sites such as hazardous waste sites and landfills.

It is becoming cheaper to purchase these technologies, which starts making it more competitive to use. Technology is growing so quickly.

The future looks bright for survey companies to be able to survey with these new tools. 

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