The Science Behind Vacuum Excavations

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When you need help in clearing an area of ground that has a number of complicating factors, from stones to cables, you may want to consider using vacuum excavations.

This is designed to prevent damage to items in the soil while still keeping it clear. Before you talk to Lambert Locations, you need to be able to understand exactly how this process works, and why it is the best way to deal with difficult terrain. We can assist you in discovering more about our teams when you send us an online message today.

Using water pressure

The main power behind a vacuum soil removal machine is high-pressure water or air. This loosens the soil, and will remove it from the surface of areas including rocks, cables and other elements in the soil which need to be preserved. The blast of high-pressure liquid or air will force the soil out of the area you are cleaning, and can also help to break up large clods of earth.

Vacuuming the soil

Once the soil has been made liquid, it can then be removed using the vacuum hose. Just like a domestic vacuum, the soil is sucked up into a container, in this case a specially created tank. You can then have the soil deposited in other areas of your site, or have it removed completely with the help of Lambert Locations.

Taking control of your dig

 The reason that many construction and site-working teams choose to use vacuum excavators is that they have a low-impact effect upon the ground. It is non-destructive, so it can be used to great effect in areas where there are electrical or TV cables, or gas or water pipes. In areas where there are conservation concerns, the vacuum method can be preferred to ensure that the ground is not harmed during the excavation works.

Get the right team to help you

At Lambert Locations, we are the experts in high quality vacuum excavations for the Queensland area. Whether you need to dig a trench to start work on a building, or want help with clearing out the ground around pipes or cables, our vacuum machines can do the job quickly and safely.

We can help you to get the most out of your trench digging, so reach out to us today to ask about our vacuum services. You can speak to the team today when you call 07-5562-8400 now.

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