Asset Location & Protection Specialists

Lambert Locations is Australia’s premier specialist in all areas of underground services and damage prevention of underground assets. Our service quality is recognised within the industry as being unparalleled, with all works carried out in accordance with AS5488-2013 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information’. Vacuum excavation has been a part of Lambert Locations since 1997. We provide vacuum excavation services to assist electronic detection, to pothole and identify services and to eliminate any costly damage, breakages and accidents involved in any type of mechanical excavation.

Underground Service Locating

We are Australia’s leading underground service locators, offering a vast array of services to cater for all types of underground services. We are fully accredited Telstra, Optus and Dial Before you Dig Locator’s, so you can guarantee you are doing everything to meet your duty of care obligations and to minimise any chance of damaging services.

Our Services: