Potholing Queensland

Lambert Locations offers potholing services throughout South East Queensland, including Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast.

Potholing is a technique that allows us to confirm the location of underground utilities and other non-visual obstructions. This means that we can adequately carry out repairs or move forward with mechanical excavation.

At Lambert Locations, we use potholing to gain information pertaining to the length, location, and depth of underground utilities. That way, we can maximise safety for excavators and bystanders alike.

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Laying Out Pipes Underground in South East Queensland

Full potholing project management service

When it comes to potholing, Lambert Locations operate a full management process so that construction can get underway as quickly as possible.

We begin by digging a series of test holes into the ground so that we can explore beneath the surface and identify any obstructions.

Upon identification, we will use specialised equipment to create a bore path and verify all underground objects. To accompany excavation, hydro or air vacuum excavation are primarily used. This allows us to displace obstructions by softening the ground and does so whilst leaving underground systems intact.

All soil is then backfilled once we’ve marked the areas accordingly, and construction can proceed onto the next level with new, crucial insights at their disposal.

Why utilise potholing services?

There are several reasons why you should choose potholing when it comes to your construction work. Some reasons include:

You can save on projects

There are many underground utilities that can cause problems for construction projects, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electricals
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Fiber optic

You can save on unplanned expenses by accounting for these utilities with our potholing services. This means that you’re less likely to compromise the function of your equipment or violate compliance standards.

It provides valuable information

Utility maps and standard charts often lack information pertaining to underground infrastructures. Potholing provides visual verification and allows construction workers to pinpoint where underground service lines begin and end – as well as their various other properties.

If any existing damage has occurred, workers have the opportunity to put new procedures in place that minimise risk and interruptions.

It promotes safety

Digging is an arduous task that can result in injuries or fatal accidents, especially where underground infrastructures aren’t accounted for.

By failing to bypass underground utilities or accurately locate them, you’re risking the safety of crew members, bystanders, and surrounding buildings. This is particularly the case where gas lines are in operation.

This can be avoided with potholing techniques since workers can adequately mark utility lines and account for them in project plans and safety procedures.

Why choose Lambert Locations?

Lambert Locations is committed to the maintenance of underground facilities and damage prevention services. We operate with due diligence and ensure that all parties – those directly involved and unaware bystanders – are accounted for when it comes to carrying out our potholing services.

You should choose Lambert Locations because:

  • We operate in accordance with AS5488-2013 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information’ standards
  • We are recognised as Australia’s leading underground service locators
  • We comprise a team of accredited professionals
  • We have experience working alongside multiple industries
  • We value non-destructive digging methods

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