Vacuum Excavation Gold Coast

This has been a part of Lambert Locations since 1997 as a service to assist electronic detection, to pothole and identify services and to eliminate any costly damage, breakages and accidents involved in any type of mechanical excavation. Vacuum excavation is also known as non-destructive digging. The basic application of hydro excavation is to dig the ground with high pressure water and to remove the earth into the tank with a large or industrial size vacuum.

hydro excavation gold coast
Photo of the result of finding services with hydro vacuum excavation

100% Accuracy

To achieve a Quality ‘A’ level as per AS5488 then hydro-excavation is needed to achieve a top of pipe result, this give you an 100% accuracy of where the underground services are, including if they are in a bank of conduits or what material and size the service is.

Lambert Locations have completed numerous job where the client’s requirement is to bore under the services in a certain area to run a new line into their work area, exposing the services is crucial to complete this.

We are also experienced in concreting (Patch repair in footpaths etc), concrete cutting, asphalting (patch repair in roadways) and landscaping to ensure any restoration needed after vacuum hydro excavation works will be carried out professionally.

Since introducing hydro excavation, it’s become the fastest growing excavation services industry in Australia. Lambert Locations have a large and growing fleet of hydro excavation equipment and machines to safely dig in sensitive areas where traditional excavation machinery could cause major damage.

Our Hydro Excavation Equipment will not damage services

All assets are safely protected when you dig with hydro excavation equipment. Our machines are engineered to excavate at the ideal pressure to allow the fastest hydro excavations possible with the assurance that it will not damage even the thinnest of irrigation or phone lines.

Lambert Locations adhere to all ‘duty of care’ regulations regarding which pressure to use around what services and fully each asset providers rules and regulations to safely expose underground services.

Whether you are trenching across optic fibre or digging a pole hole near poly pipelines, hydro excavation is the safe and obvious choice.

Fully Accredited

All of our staff are fully accredited Telstra, Optus and Dial Before you Dig Locator’s, so you can guarantee you are doing everything to meet your duty of care obligations and to minimise any chance of damaging underground services.

Lambert Locations is an affiliated ‘Dial Before You Dig’ member and works in accordance with OHS guidelines to make sure you are doing everything legally required to protect the assets.

For your next excavation job, contact Lambert Locations, the specialists in hydro vacuum excavation services for those tricky and sensitive excavation jobs where you would rather peace of mind in terms of underground services then risking damaging services. Servicing throughout South East Queensland including the Gold Coast & Brisbane.

All work is carried out in accordance with AS5488 ‘Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI)’

hydro excavation truck gold coast

Safe Dig Vacuum Excavation

We provide safe vacuum excavation services to assist electronic detection, to pothole and identify services and to eliminate any costly damage.