What Can and Can’t a Vacuum Truck Do?

vacuum excavation brisbane

Here at Lambert Locations, we specialise in vacuum excavation in Brisbane, which is helpful on many building sites as it helps get the area ready for the next steps in the project. While there are many things a vacuum truck can do, there are also some things it can’t do. Knowing what to expect ensures that you have the right equipment and labour on your building site so that things move along quickly and efficiently. 

Can: Move Earth

One of the biggest jobs a vacuum truck can tackle is earthmoving. We use our excavation trucks to break up the soil on a building site and turn it into slurry, using water, so that it can be sucked up and removed from the area. We can do this on a large or small scale and then can transport the earth from the site to be disposed of elsewhere. 

Can: Dig Holes

Vacuum trucks are also ideal for creating large holes for things like posts and poles. This is done more quickly than other methods of digging and is safer for the workers than other methods. It also creates a uniform and sturdy place to plant poles and posts so they are durable and strong for their purpose. 

Can: Remove Liquid Waste

When a sewage or septic tank floods or heavy rain fills holes on a building site, our vacuum trucks can suck up the muck and waste and get it out of the area so clean-up can begin, or building can continue. 

Can’t: Pool Excavation

While our vacuum trucks may be able to handle this job, it’s not usually recommended because of the scope of the job. Because such large amounts of dirt need to be removed and stored, it can get quite costly to use a vacuum truck to do it. In this case, manual methods are faster and more cost effective. 

Can’t: Clean Up of Dangerous Fluids

Our vacuum trucks are perfect for cleaning up sewage spills or flooding however, we don’t use them to clean up flammable fluids, oil or gas spills. Once our tanks have been used for such chemicals, they can no longer be used for more standard kinds of jobs and buying a new tank is quite expensive so this is something we want to avoid. When you need vacuum excavation in Brisbane for whatever purpose, call us here at Lambert Locations or drop us an email to admin@lambertlocations.com. We’re here to help!